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Muraki x Watari Community

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Hello? [14 Oct 2009|07:18pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


If anyone's still here, We need a Dr. Muraki (and several other characters) for a new YnM RPG. If you're interested, either send me a PM or leave a comment here. :D


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[15 Jul 2007|01:33pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

1)NickName: Brin, Nyappy, Fag Mc Jones

2)Email: red.and.black.stripes@hotmail.com

3)Homepage: http://na-chi.deviantart.com

4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Watari and Tatsumi.

5)Why him/her: Watari is love. That's all I can say ;]

6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): Tatari, Murari.

7)Why them: Well, I just adore the whole region of Tatari and Murari is so deliciously evil.

8)Did you ever blow something up: Too many to list, most recent was the toaster this morning.

9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: Used to, now I just collect keychains.

10)Do you write any Fanfictions? I have plenty, but I lost them all in a virus crash when I was tinkering with my computer.

11)Any Fanart done? I'm not a good enough artist ;]

12)Any other Fanstuff? Nope. 

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Ficlet Challenge [24 Mar 2007|07:43pm]

If this isn't allowed, please delete it.

I am currently lacking in inspiration like nothing on earth. Therefore, instant inspiration- in the form of you, all you wonderful people who read this journal and put up with me.

So, put simply- Give me ficlet (probably not over 1000 words, definitely not over 2000) challenges, if you please. My fandoms are as follows:

Final Fantasy VII/VIII/Advent Children
Fruits Basket
Gakuen Heaven
Gundam Wing
Weiss Kreuz
Yami no Matsuei

Read more...Collapse )
I think that's it, then. Comment, and I'll comment back with the ficlet, or answer to a question.
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NEW RPG [24 Mar 2007|12:36am]

[ mood | nerdy ]


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Rebirth #3
A new Yami no Matsuei RPG community
Mortality is brief. Death is swift. Regrets are eternal.

Yet what if you were given a second chance? What would you do?

Tsuzuki and the other shinigami are face with this decision when they are told one day that they are being given their mortality back. none of them are told why, they are merely told to pack their bags and by the end of the day they are left in Chijou.

Stranded with nothing but the clothes on their back, the items they packed and their fragile mortality intact.

What now?
Come visit re_re_rebirth
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CALLING ALL WATARI RPERS! (delete if not allowed :) ) [19 Mar 2007|03:33pm]

Are you a Watari Roleplayer? If so we would LOVE to hear from you.

This is a brand new yami no matsuei rpg and forum - please see the application here: http://petalsinblood.livejournal.com/

good luck - we look forward to seeing you soon ^_^
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[FIC] Muraki/Watari - NC17 [18 Oct 2006|05:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So I'm bringing you a fic. It's too quiet in here.. I'm just posting one chapter although I've already written several; if you like it please comment and I'll post more chapters. Cheers! 


Title: Smile Yutaka
Genre: Yami No Matsuei
Rating: NC17, non-con, violence (in later chapters)
Characters/Pairing: Muraki/Watari, slight Oriya/Watari & Tatsumi/Watari
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: Watari gets himself into trouble..
Beta-Read: Thanks to the lovely
gen50 for making my fics read-able!! ^^
Feedback: Yes please!! XD



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[01 Oct 2006|10:38pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

1)NickName: Ainaloth

2)Email: mordaewilwarin@hotmail.com

3)Homepage: not yet! ^^

4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Watari

5)Why him/her: he's just so darn cute and cuddly all the time!!

6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): Muraki/Watari (duh), Tatsumi/Watari, Oriya/Watari

7)Why them: Because Watari's in all the stories ~_^

8)Did you ever blow something up:
yeah, I actually did
...what and when? a microwave.. It wasn't my fault! Honest!

9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.:
No. (Every madman has his cute secret!) No me, I'm an extremely evil madman. ;))
...what? ...oh alright..I like the beanie babies... Happy?

10)Do you write any Fanfictions?
Yep, I've done some fics and you can find 'em in my journal. I'm working on a Muraki/Watari (slightly Tatsumi/Watari, Oriya/Watari) fic, and if someone is interested I'll post it here. Gotta get myself a beta-reader first though, so I wont make a completely fool out of myself.. ^^;;

11)Any Fanart done? no, sorry.

12)Any other Fanstuff? (Cosplay, Magazine, Clubs...) not really

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Meme!!! Fear it!!!!XD [06 Jul 2006|01:57pm]

[ mood | I'm doin' things. ]

1)NickName: Sa-chan

2)Email: Reven_Angel@hotmail.com

3)Homepage: ~workin' on it~

4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Tari((D'uh)), Terazuma, Muraki((For he is the greatest villan EVAH!))

5)Why him/her: ...Uhh...~points up about Muraki~ Terazuma, because COME ON MAN!!! THE GUY TRANSFORMS!!!!XD and well, Tari...Umm...Well, I liked his attitude...and I'm told that he's my anime twin in attitude.

6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): Muraki/Watari((If not, why would I be here?)) Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Tari ...Uhh...anything if it's well written, I suppose.

7)Why them: ....Well written?~confused~ I like Muraki and Watari because it's just so different. And they're both intellects and such.

8)Did you ever blow something up: ...Too many accounts to name. Most recently was the other day, when I wanted to test how big the radius effected by the explosion was if I put the whole pack of mentos in the coca cola bottle. I regret that fuly as I stare at my favourite jeans in the laundry.

9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: You have no idea. I have a bunch of dinosauer stuffies, I adore bunniy ones ((I even have a Kumagoro)) I have my Edo-kun plushie and Snookums the bear.

10)Do you write any Fanfictions? I'm currently WORKING on them. ^^; Really gotta learn to put ideas on paper.

11)Any Fanart done?...Same as above.

12)Any other Fanstuff? ...I'm planning on cosplaying Tari. ~nods~ 

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Meme [06 Jul 2006|04:23am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

New member so I go through the trouble of doing the meme (before I forget ^^;;)

1)NickName: Kyokutou, 'Tari
2)Email: *shrugs* Why not momiji_20619@yahoo.com
3)Homepage: basically my journal kyokutou

The rest here because clutter bugs me ^^;;Collapse )

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[21 May 2006|07:01pm]

[ mood | crazy ]


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think im allowed to post this - if not, please delete [18 May 2006|08:18pm]

[ mood | devious ]




The following characters are already
spoken for:


All the rest are up for grabs



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[17 May 2006|12:58am]

[ mood | artistic ]

1)NickName: Snakechild (ok its not really a nickname its a tag but its the closest thing!!)
2)Email: little-gems@hotmail.co.uk
3)Homepage: I have a community: 7_sins_virtues
4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Muraki and Watari as it happens!!!!
5)Why him/her: Muraki is so damn sexual and very very pretty - and Watari is so crazy and very cute - I mean 003?? KAWAII!!
6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s):
7)Why them:
....1. I dunno - I think its the doctor thing LOL!! I just think it would be hot and possibly kinda funny (you know to see if Muraki could actually put up with Watari!!)
....2. Beacause its the classic - and lets be honest we all want to see the doctor have his way with our hero!
....3. IT WOULD BE HOT!! I mean seriously! I get the impression that Tatsumi would have a lot of pent up frustration and would be great in bed - so it would be nice to see someone seducing and controlling Muraki for a change - they'd probably fight for the privilage of being on top though!! ^_^'
....4. Beacause I can get a real love story out of this one!! I shall explain: Tatsumi loves Tsuzuki - but Tsuzuki has moved on - so Tatsumi settles for Watari - Watari loves Tatsumi but he knows he's only second best *sob* - INSERT MUCH ANGST HERE - Tatsumi realises he loves Watari too - and we have a happy ending.... yeah.......

8)Did you ever blow something up:
many ballons, lilos, a rubber dingy, so many rubber gloves, an inflatable guitar, an inflatable woman.... OH that kind of blowing up - Yeah - in chemistry - i was doing a redox reaction and I heated it for too long and it all came shooting out of the top of the apparatus.......

All those first things are true btw

9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: (Every madman has his cute secret!)
when I was 8 it was "cupcake dolls" when I was 14 / 15 it was Pokemon cards, when I was 16 it was any DBZ merchandise I could find... Currently its manga and dvd boxsets - Although - throughout my whole life Ive never been able to resist bringing back shells from holiday - I stilll get excited when I find them now - My boyfriend has even started bringing them back off his holidays to give me ^_^'

10)Do you write any Fanfictions?
I do - but none are currently posted
11)Any Fanart done?
None done - but Im currently working on some
12)Any other Fanstuff? (Cosplay, Magazine, Clubs...)
I'm Muraki in an RP community thats just restarting. xyaminomatsueix
We only have like 5 charcters at the moment though so if anyones interested go sign up - virtually every charcter is free: including Watari and Tatsumi.... and Rico!!!!!!!!

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YnM Ficlet: Memories MurakixWatari [14 Apr 2006|05:09pm]

Title: Memories
Pairing: MurakixWatari
Rating: R Because it mentions what teen boys love best, masterbation.
Disclaimer: Don't own it. If I did there would be a show down between Muraki and Watari.
Words: 255
Warning: Mentons of a younge teen masterbating.
Notes: Something I have wanted to write for a long time.

MemoriesCollapse )
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New and not so new. [13 Apr 2006|11:59am]

Okay a while back last year I joined this group as, jayaballard. Well with rl I couldn't do much for a while, forgot my passward, and desided to go by a new name, tonberryqueen21.

I'm curently more active in other fandoms, but I still hold and intrest in this pairing.

Hopefully I will clean up a ficlet to post, and can work on finishing A Devil's Bargain. If not I'm sorry for not finishing what I started.

Untill then later. *waves*
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Hello All!! [30 Mar 2006|12:07pm]

[ mood | I found M/W fanfiction! ]

1)NickName: Klebkat
2)Email: Klebkatt@hotmail.com
3)Homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KlebKat_Update/
4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): XD Muraki! Watari, the Count espically, Hisoka, Oyria and all the others. *drools* Terazuma...
5)Why him/her: Because they are all gorgous men and Muraki doesn't need to just stalk Tsuzki, as it's a waste of his time with all the other hotties.
6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): All of them I guess
7)Why them: Because just thinking of MurakixWatari or MurakixOyria is just hot.
8)Did you ever blow something up: Hm, hard to say. I know we mutilated the crawdad we were disecting in Bio 2.
...what and when? Maybe when we were playing with the homemade rocket? Or maybe when Uncle Ronald almost fried himself while hooking the plug-in cord to the dryer.
9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: (Every madman has his cute secret!) I collect a lot of anime.
...what? XD I mostly collect yaoi titles. I need to collect YnM doujinshi!
10)Do you write any Fanfictions? Yes
...Link or Site: See above for my archive site or look me up on AFF.net. Saddly, my YnM MurakixWatari fic isn't up yet.
11)Any Fanart done? When I can draw desently, I'll let you know!
12)Any other Fanstuff? (Cosplay, Magazine, Clubs...) Nope, but I do want to go conning a Oyria or Watari soon. Maybe you'll see me at AWA this september, however Oyria maybe more me, as my hair is really long and dark brown. I need a kimono and an oriental pipe, damnit. I could be Watari though, I wear glasses and he and I probally have the same deminor. XD I'd just have to dye my hair bonde.

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Hi, My name is W. and I'm a Murari fan, too... (Assembled Murari-Anon people: "Hi W.") [13 Jul 2005|11:11pm]

[ mood | Cheerful-- frighteningly so. ]

(please forgive all unofficial bolding-- I'm so myopic it's not funny...)

1)NickName: W. Borain or, if you're feeling the need to call me something other than "rainbow" mixed around "Dark Rainbow" has a desireable effect.

2)Email: Sure, dark_rainbow_game@yahoo.com

3)Homepage: nope sorry. I am one of the computer illiterate...

4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Muraki... (Watari is a close second, but...)

5)Why him/her: Because I love his character-- it's so deep... and I'm a villain person myself, so...

6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): Murari...

7)Why them: Because... hmm... I find my most amusing fanfics there, really.

8)Did you ever blow something up: umm... *looks around a little guiltily* not exactly. I have had numerous experiences with colored flames and hot glass, though.

...what and when? Let's see... copper sulfide, I think... and... dang, I don't even remember... what was that pretty deep blue stuff again?

9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: (Every madman has his cute secret!)

...what? Umm... books in frightening quantities.

10)Do you write any Fanfictions? Yeah! (Yay...) On my livejournal. Unfortunately, however, I just started it up so...

11)Any Fanart done? If only I could learn how to hold a paintbrush...

12)Any other Fanstuff? Nope...

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[11 Jul 2005|07:26pm]

Title: A Devil's Bargain

Rating: R

Characters/Pairing: Muraki, Watari, hopefully will be MurakixWatari

Chapter: 2/?

Watari meets his new partner, and a bumpy partnership begins.

A Devil's Bargain Part 2
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[21 Jun 2005|12:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

1)NickName: Kora
2)Email: yanakora@hotmail.co.uk
3)Homepage: http://www.yanakora.deviantart.com/ - I haven't updated this in ages, hope to do so soon.
4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Watari
5)Why him/her: I love anime bishies with long hair! ^^;
6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): MurakixWatari, I haven't really watched/read much of it (newbie fan).
7)Why them: Only by picturing it in my head can I understand... xD Watari appears a bit mad but wait til Muraki gets his hands on him.

8)Did you ever blow something up: Nope, I'm too boring for that.
9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: (Every madman has his cute secret!): I used to collect Teddy Bears.
10)Do you write any Fanfictions? http://www.fanfiction.net/u/124077/ - No YnM as yet, working on Gundam Seed just now.
11)Any Fanart done? http://www.yanakora.deviantart.com/ - Again no YnM yet.
12)Any other Fanstuff? I intend on doing a YnM cosplay now for Ayacon in July. Probably Watari if I can nab a Lab coat.
As you can tell I'm a newbie fan at this. Will be collecting the Manga and more of the Anime. If it weren't for Dan Green I would be watching it in Japanese! I keep expecting him to unleash the Dark Magician on Muraki rather than Suzaku! xD

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New Fic: A Devil's Bargain Part 1/? [15 Jun 2005|11:04pm]

Title: A Devil's Bargain

Rating: R

Characters/Pairing: Muraki, Watari, hopefully will be MurakixWatari

Chapter: 1/?

Spoilers: Through Kyoto arc and the Watari centric information released from Kamakura Hen

Summary: One hundred and fifty six years after the events in Kyoto, Watari finds himself celebrating his two hundredth birthday alone. That is that day when he is assigned his new partner, and a series of demon attacks against the shinigami begins.Will Watari and his new partner, Dr. Muraki, be able to defeat the demon before the balance between life and death is tipped, or will they kill each other first?

A Devil's Bargain
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"chiyuki"'s new name and proper introduction [05 May 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

1)NickName: I have various ones
2)Email: jackalanubis@hotmail.com
3)Homepage: none

4)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Character(s): Muraki and Watari of course!
5)Why him/her: Muraki has the smexeh twisted thing going on, and Watari is one of the legendary Fringed Scientists that appear throught anime!
6)Favourite Yami no Matsuei Pairing(s): Muraki + anyone
7)Why them: no comment

8)Did you ever blow something up: a few things
...what and when? chemicals, splints, jotters and beakers.. ins cience class (when i used to do science heh)
9)Do you collect Dolls/Teddybears/etc.: (Every madman has his cute secret!) Yes actually...
...what? dolls, teddybears, other stuffed animals, ornaments.. not intentionally as such, i jsut seem to aquire them o.o

10)Do you write any Fanfictions? I gave it up
...Link or Site
11)Any Fanart done? no Murari stuff yet
...Link or Site
12)Any other Fanstuff? (Cosplay, Magazine, Clubs...) nothing YnM realted yet
...Link or Site, wathever (^^***)

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