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Muraki x Watari Community

NO Owls in the Bedroom!!!

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Welcome to Murari, the Muraki x Watari Fan Community!

No we are not Nuts... yes there are People who like this Pairing.. son't make me angry, if you don't like go

So, all Non-Murari's gone?



Feel free to Post Fics, Art, Discuss or wathever (please stay in-topic ok?)
You can indroduce yourself with this Meme if

you want to ^_^

Please respect our Rules:

1) No Flaming, Spaming or Bashing or your out
2) If you don't like the Pairing just don't join
3) Please stay In-Topic with your Post, Personal Stuff can be mentioned but you have to discuss that on your

own journal ok?
4) If you post a Fic or something long please use the lj-cut, if you post spoilers please also use it.
5) You can post Memes if they fit the Topic in this Community - answer and results ONLY in the Answers or

personal Journals! NO new Post for a Answer of a poll!
6) Please use this if you want to post a Fic:

Email: (you don't need to)
Chapter (oneshot = 1/1):
Spoilers: (if there is one or more)

R and NC-17 is ok, please make sure to WARN!
NCS, lemon, lime, violence, sap, OOC(!), wathever

For Fanarts ignore: Chapter

7) If you find a good Website let us know, I will list them on this Page or a own Link Page for you ^^

(Related to Yami no Matsuei, exp. Muraki and/or Watari)
8) One more time: no spaming, flaming and/or Bashing!

If you are ok with this rules feel free to join us ^_^


Any Questions left? Admin@schwarz-playroom.com



empathicsecrets - Hisoka
deadly_passions - Muraki
puppy_shinigami - Tsuzuki
kagetsu_master - Tatsumi
watari_003 - Watari and 003


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tatari - Tatsumi x Watari
tatsuki - Tatsumi x Tsuzuki
tsusoka - Tsuzuki x Hisoka

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